Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion

At Novuna, we want our culture to be one where all our people feel they can truly belong and bring their Whole Selves to work each day. We believe that we may be diverse by nature, but we're inclusive by choice. 

 With this in mind, we're an equal opportunity employer and are committed to achieving an inclusive and diverse workplace where everybody is treated with dignity and respect by opposing all forms of discrimination, creating a safe, welcoming environment where everyone can share and believe in our values, vision, and promises.

Gender equality

Financial Services as a sector has historically reported a significant gender pay gap, which is why gender equality forms a core part of our diversity and inclusion strategy. We've been making steady progress with our gender pay gap and have a comprehensive programme of events, groups, and initiatives in place to ensure we build on that further


Working inclusively

At Novuna, we're committed to ensuring everyone has equal access to opportunities. We know that being able to strike a balance between home and work is a fundamental part of making that happen.

Our Working Inclusively Framework enables our people to find balance and still have a fulfilling career through agile and flexible working options.


In addition to a growing number of diversity programmes and initiatives, we've signed up for several charters to demonstrate accountability in our commitments to equality and diversity.

Women In Finance Race at Work Disability Confident

Women in Finance

As signatories of the Women in Finance Charter, we are committed to a gender-balanced workforce and supporting the progression of women into senior roles at Novuna.

As part of this, we are required to set our own targets and publicly report on the progress of delivering these to support driving change in the finance sector. 

As of September 2023, we had 32.5% women in senior management positions, up from a figure of 27.5% in 2021 to demonstrate our progress over the past two years.

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Race at Work

The Race at Work charter is our public commitment to improving equality of opportunity in the workplace.

As a signatory, we are required to make seven commitments to improve diversity and inclusion and race equality. These include appointing an executive sponsor and supporting our race inclusion allies.

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Disability Confident

As Disability Confident Committed, we aspire to change the attitudes toward disability in the business sector and beyond.

As part of the commitment, we are working to ensure our end-to-end process recruitment is inclusive and accessible to all and provide assistance to our existing colleagues who openly share that they have a disability.

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Our Communities

Our communities aim to bring people together from all areas of the business, ensuring everyone feels represented and has a voice. Each community is run by our people, for our people to share information, start conversations, and make a positive difference through change.


PRISM is open to all colleagues who are interested or involved in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ+) community. Having a support system at work is a considerable step in combatting the unique challenges LGBTQ+ people can experience. 

PRISM is also on hand to provide information for anyone interested in learning more about the LGBTQ+ community.


Our Women's Inclusion Network is committed to increasing women's presence, impact and influence at Novuna. 

Our aim is to do this by cultivating a culture of inclusion that supports the development, empowerment and growth of females at Novuna alongside people from other organisations and the wider community.

Multicultural Community

Our Multicultural Community runs group-wide and local initiatives throughout the year to create opportunities for our people to talk about what their culture and ethnicity mean to them.

The community also exists to consider and propose ways to ensure our colleagues are representative of the communities we serve.

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CAN, our Colleague Ability Network, exists to celebrate and increase awareness of the unique strengths, talents, and experiences of people living with a disability.  

The Colleague Ability Network is also on hand to ensure our practices and policies do not create unnecessary barriers to inclusion for our disabled colleagues and customers and those with caring responsibilities.

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Charity & Volunteering Community

As well as plenty of fundraising opportunities throughout the year, everyone at Novuna gets a volunteering day to spend making a difference. 

You can do this on your own or as part of a team. The Charity & Volunteering Community helps create opportunities for colleagues to come together and support the most important causes.

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Wellbeing Community

The Wellbeing Community is dedicated to supporting colleagues to lead healthy and fulfilling lives inside and outside work. We all experience moments or periods in life where we may need a little extra support with our mental, emotional, financial or physical health. 

As well as running a wealth of topical events throughout the year, the Wellbeing Community exists to ensure everyone has access to the support they need.

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GenLink our multigenerational community is set up to ensure that the experience and skills of all ages across our company are recognised, shared and built upon. 

The mission that underpins the community is 'to connect all generations'. It aims to raise awareness of key challenges for different generations.

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