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With a fleet size of over 100,000 vehicles, our in-house technical experts help us to manage and maintain our customers’ vehicles efficiently whilst leading the way to carbon-zero.  From build and specification through maintenance and downtime to remarketing, our automotive experts possess an expansive range of skills and knowledge.  

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Technical Control

Our technical control teams are a hive of activity.  Technical Controllers use their detailed knowledge of vehicle mechanics to assess and approve maintenance and repair quotations from our vast network of dealerships, garages, and repairers.  

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Maintenance & Downtime

Once vehicles are booked in for repair, our maintenance and downtime teams make sure things progress efficiently so vehicles are back on the road as quickly as possible.  

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Vehicle Preparation

Whilst the majority of hands-on vehicle work is carried our by our network of garages, dealerships, and repairers, our Trowbridge Vehicle Preparation centre carries out some specialist tasks on custom vehicles such as fitting ovens to food delivery vans.  

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Fleet Engineering

Our fleet engineers are subject matter experts in HGVs, LCVs, and other specialist commercial vehicles.  Fleet engineers have a wide range of responsibilities from visiting suppliers to review the quality of their work to undertaking root-cause analysis on vehicle faults.  

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Specification & Build

A lot goes into specialist vehicle builds.  We have to make sure specifications are fit for purpose, and often work with multiple suppliers to build and assemble the different parts of the vehicle.  Our build and specification teams make sure designs are right before they go into production, and keep an eye on the progress and quality of the build until vehicles are ready for presentation to the customer.  

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Supplier Management

Managing such a large fleet requires many different suppliers to keep all the vehicles moving.  Our suppliers include garages and repairers, tyre fittters, rental providers, breakdown services, custom bodybuilders, charging providers, windscreen specialists and more.  Our supplier management team manage our partnerships with suppliers, ensuring quality service and great customer experiences for all our customers.  

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With a goal of transforming our entire fleet to carbon-zero by 2030, there's a lot of work to do.  Our decarbonisation team's focus is ensuring we create and deliver all the products and services our customers need to successfully achieve their decarbonisation goals.  From charging infrastructure and services through to mobile apps, our decarbonisation team are innovating for the fleets of tomorrow.

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